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DWF Drawings


       Utilizing today's technology we have begun a program of online drawing libraries.  If you already have a DWG library on line select the last 4 digits of your phone number and you will be taken to your gallery.    If not, please log on as a guest.

"Drawing Web Format"

Jan 28th 1999 -- With CoastalSurveyors.com we are able to bring you all your drawings via this web site.  If you are allready a client, all you have to do is contact us to discuss putting your drawing on the web site.

Drawing Web Format (DWF)
DWF is an industry Internet standard recognized by the IETF.
Developed by Autodesk as an open file format for the transfer of
drawings over networks, including the Internet. The benefits of DWF
files are:
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Speed—High compression means that they're smaller and faster
to transmit and open than full-blown CAD files. Most DWFs
are from 50-90 percent smaller than DWGs.
Security—Cannot be modified, so they maintain the integrity
of the DWG. In effect, the DWF is a "digital plot" of the original
Precision—DWF files are vector-based. When zooming in a
DWF, precision is maintained; with other bitmap formats (e.g.,
GIF or JPEG), zooming results in "fat pixels."


The WHIP! viewer -- is the fastest, most accurate way to view and
distribute drawings using the Drawing Web Format (DWF), a public
and open file format that preserves the integrity, security, and
precision of your distributed AutoCAD drawings. With WHIP! and
DWF, you can electronically distribute your drawings, eliminating or
reducing the expense of plotting and reproducing and shipping. And
non-AutoCAD users can view, pan, zoom, and print the drawings
quickly and easily without ever opening the original DWG. Since
WHIP! works in a Web browser or in many stand-alone applications
(e.g., spreadsheets, presentations), users can access drawings
anyplace, anytime.

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DWF drawings from Autodesk require the AcadWHIP! plugin to be viewed.  This download is free and fast.    At this time WHIP! is not compatable with the macintosh operating system.  

Download WHIP!

Once you have downloaded WHIP! It should automatically install itself.   If you have any questions about WHIP! or any problems, please feel free to contact the webmaster.


We have fully integrated the dwf technology into our web site to bring you the following capabilities.  Access your drawings from home without having to make any trips.  Remote access allows you to manage your information from any place on the globe .  Coastal Surveyors will automatically update your web drawing with each addition to your drawing. Coastal Surveyors uses a password protected archive to store all your drawings.  No one but you can view your drawings.

Reference Accounts

Autodesk - the makers of Autocad and WHIP! 

          For more information about the DWF format, please read the
          whitepaper: WHIP! and DWF—A Primer.

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