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If you are a client of Coastal Surveyors, and have set up an online account, Please select your archive from the list below.  If you experience any problems, please email the Webmaster.   In order to view these drawings you will have to download the AcadWHIP! plugin.





DWF drawings from Autodesk require the AcadWHIP! plugin to be viewed.  This download is free and fast.  At this time WHIP! is not compatable with the Macintosh operating system.  

Download WHIP!

Once you have downloaded WHIP! It should automatically install itself.   If you have any questions about WHIP! or any problems, please feel free to contact the webmaster.

For more information on Autocad and WHIP, Click Here.


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We have fully integrated the dwf technology into our web site to bring you the following capabilities.  Access your drawings from anywhere with the internet.  Remote access allows you to manage your information from any place on the globe .  Coastal Surveyors will update your web drawing with each addition to your drawing. Coastal Surveyors uses a password protected archive to store all your drawings.  No one but you can view your drawings.  If you wish to setup an online account, please contact Ralph Mancuso.  Any feedback you may have is welcome.